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International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Queensland University of Technology 2202-8005 The International Journal for Crime, Justice and Social Democracy is an open access, blind peer reviewed journal that publishes critical research about challenges confronting criminal justice systems around the world. Committed to Open Access  and democratising quality knowledge production and dissemination. FREE TO DOWNLOAD AND FREE TO PUBLISH!


Abbas, Tahir, Fatih University, Istanbul
Allen, Michael, East Tennessee State University
Anthony, Thalia, University of Technology Sydney
Armstrong, Lynzi, Victoria University of Wellington/Independent
Aroney, Eurydice, University of Technology Sydney
Asare, Abena Ampofoa, Stony Brook University
Asquith, Nicole L, University of Western Sydney
Awan, Imran, Birmingham City University The Centre for Applied Criminology Birmingham B42 2SU


Ball, Matthew, School of Justice, QUT
Banutai, Emanuel, Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) Ljubljana Gospodinjska ulica 8 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia-EU
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